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About Domini

About Domini 


     Domini born November 8th, is a Pop Recording Artist from Brooklyn, New York.  


     She is a singer-songwriter, manifestor, lightworker, and astrologer path guider on the rise with a distinctive edge.  Her music is considered Indie Pop with New Age and Dance influence. Her vibe is mystical yet chill and appeals to people of all ages worldwide and her powerful magnetism pulls people in. 


     Domini plays the role of the Cre8trix with her music as she creates her own reality and then shares her experiences through her music with the world.  Her poetic and relatable lyrics let people envision themselves as characters of her captivating stories.

8 Facts About Domini 


1. I used to sing opera when I was in contract with the NYC MET Opera House.

2. My favorite accessories to wear are natural power stones and crystals as my jewlery. I always do my nail polish based on my mood or the astrological seasons.  You'll catch me wearing at least one item of my birthstone "citrine" everyday!  The stone of magic & abundance.

3. My soul's second passion is astrology. After many years of studying, now I am an astrologer as well as a manifestor. Message me to get your zodiac charts read to help guide you with your life goals. Also, I'm #scorpioaf 

4. I eat gluten free because I have celiac disease. I’m always exploring for good places to eat!  

5. I love giving advice! I give advice for anything from relationships to dream analysis. This goes hand and hand with my astrology chart sessions and manifesting guidance.

6. I’m obsessed with jelly beans and sour patch kids especially the blue raspberry ones.

7. I’m an old soul and have a very eclectic taste in music. I can honestly listen to anything and find appreciation for it!  

8. The number 8 is my favorite and lucky number! Anything that is important in my life has the number 8 involved. 8 is my Path Number in Numerology. 

        Beyond entertainment, Domini donates a quarter of her life to charity, and has appeared and performed for many charity event fundraisers; Relay for Life, Kids For Kids, St. Jude's Children's Hospital Research The American Cancer Society, and JDRF (The Little North Pole, a yearly fundraiser for juvenile diabetes. For her first single "Pump My Heart" she donated all the net proceeds to the American Cancer Society and used the slogan "Keep those hearts pumping". 

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